ACOPS is an environmental NGO that informs, advises and engages to achieve sound policy and sustainable seas. We aspire to connect change makers and the public with scientific, legal and policy specialists with an eye to realising long-term progress and the rule of law.

ACOPS has consultative observer status with numerous intergovernmental bodies, including the Arctic Council, the OSPAR Convention, the International Maritime Organization, and the London Convention and Protocol.

ACOPS is a registered UK charitable company (Charity no. 290776, Company House no.01867863 ).


ACOPS started out as the coordinating Advisory Committee on Oil Pollution of the Sea, established in 1952 by Lord Callaghan as one of the world’s first environmental non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and possibly first marine environmental NGOs. In 1982 it changed its name to the Advisory Committee on Pollution of the Sea, and later in the 1990s it adopted its current name of Advisory Committee on Protection of the Sea.

The Advisory Committee originally concentrated on encouraging the development of international agreements to reduce marine oil pollution. Since then, ACOPS has expanded its interests to include other sea-based and land-based sources of marine pollution, marine mining, marine geo-engineering, as well as other aspects of degradation of the coastal and marine environment.

On the 17th of May 2019, ACOPS hosted guests at the House of Lords for a changing of the guard that aspires to build on a storied history with an updated vision, scope and strategy. Find out more about ACOPS 67 here!


ACOPS is active on several fronts that focus on present-day areas of concern


ACOPS’ activity includes contribution to a number of reports and publications and participation to specialised networks involved with different aspects of the protection of the marine environment and sustainable use of our oceans.

This section provides links to a selection of these documents, including some that we find useful for the fulfilment of our mission and are publicly available.


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