ACOPS has participated in several events, including the following:

Date Subject Report
7 November 2017 Dialogue on UK Marine Reserves
3 December 2015 Dialogue on Deep-sea Mining
30 June 2015 Dialogue on Marine Litter
10 April 2015 Atmosphere - ocean interactions in the Indo-Pacific basin
and their impact on Asian climate
14-15 July 2014 Workshop on Atmospheric Chemistry and Climate Change in Asia
20 March 2014 Prof. Julian Hunt's speech on UN agencies and the problems of
pollution, delivered at the House of Lords
5-7 November 2012 Natural Disasters and Climate Change in Asia Workshop, Malaysia Download
15 December 2011 Launch of the book 'History of the Met Office' by Malcolm Walker,
published by Cambridge University Press
15 December 2011 ACOPS and Globe Europe Meeting on Sea Change: A Review of
Current Marine Policies in the UK and EU
7 October 2011 JCRH@70: A Scientific Celebration of Julian Hunt's 70th Birthday
20-22 July 2011 Asian Climate Change - Trends and Policy Workshop, Bangalore Download
16 November 2010 Discussion meeting on Communicating Climate Risk and
the Implications for Food Security, University College London
17 December 2009 One day workshop on Tsunamis and Geophysical Warnings Download
28 October 2009 The Dolphin & Ostrich – Darwin & Fitzroy Play at the Royal Institution Download
21-23 September 2009 The GWI: Implications of regional climate variability on water
resources in Africa
4-6 May 2009 The GWI: Impacts of Climate Change on California and
Himalayan Asia
22 January 2009 GLOBE, ACOPS, PSC Workshop on Space and the
Marine Environment
7-9 November 2005 Second International Confrence of Coastal Zones in
Sub-Saharan Africa