Deep-sea mining

Why is this an issue for ACOPS?

Deep-sea mining is a new industry for the ocean, on the cusp of becoming a reality with many environmental challenges.

This is an area where more research and dialogue is needed to share information and improve understanding of environmental issues.

Deep-sea mining has strong links to the work of the London Convention/London Protocol, the International Maritime Organization and those interested in marine protected areas.

ACOPS activity

ACOPS is an Observer to the International Seabed Authority (ISA).

Dr Philomene Verlaan authored extensive comments on behalf of ACOPS to the ISA Stakeholder Consultation in 2015 (ISBA/Cons/2015/1).

Dr Verlaan was an external adviser to the EU MIDAS Project (2013-2016).

In 2016 ACOPS convened a House of Lords dialogue on deep-sea mining.

Future intentions

ACOPS will work with the ISA to develop the regulatory framework (Exploitation Regulations/Mining Code) to support sustainable deep-sea mining.

ACOPS will maintain an interest in Regional Environmental Management Plans and in particular the development of a Strategic Environmental Management Plan for the Atlantic.

ACOPS will seek to raise awareness of deep-sea mining issues and link these to other international processes including IMO, London Convention/London Protocol and OSPAR.