ACOPS in the media

The work of ACOPS and its members features regularly in the academic and mainstream media; here are some examples:

Date Subject Host
26 November 2016 Buoyancy and turbulence-driven
atmospheric circulation over
urban areas
Journal of Environmental Sciences
25 April 2016 Asian urban environment on climate change Current Science
14 April 2016 Message in a plastic bottle House of Lords Labour
9 October 2015 Hope Rises for Climate Change Adaptation South China Morning Post
24 July 2015 IMarEST participates in ACOPS Dialogue on
Marine Litter
IMarEST, Newsletter
24 December 2014 Is Asia prepared for the next tsunami? The Wall Street Journal
1 December 2014 COP20 is a forum for regional green policies
not just global climates target
The Guardian
18 November 2014 'Unforeseen pitfalls' for ECA operators,
says AWT
Sea Trade Global
18 November 2014 2015 Deadline Regarding Sulphur Limits
Leads to Surge in CEMS for Marine
13 November 2014 Environmental Regulations Spur Innovation The Maritime Executive
18 November 2014 Ship traffic Increases Dramatically to
Oceans' Detriment
Live Science
18 November 2014 Increased global shipping has caused
pollution on open seas
Zee News india
12 November 2014 Port Cities Major Progress in Reducing
Air Pollution
Times of San Diego
10 November 2014 Global warming increasing spread of dead
zones in oceans, rivers
CBC News
10 November 2014 Ocean dead zone are getting worse due to
globally climate change
7 November 2014 Marine Pollution Contingence Plan Marine Management Organisation
3 November 2014 Russia accused of blocking creation of
Antarctic marine reserves
The Guardian
3 November 2014 Emissions reductions persist at Port of LA Marine Link
2 November 2014 Innovation holds key to green growth South China Morning Post
4 November 2014 Air pollution in Port of Los Angeles down
80 percent since 2005
4 November 2014 10 Reasons Why Ship Operators Should
be Nervous About the 2015 ECA
27 October 2014 Starting wit the arctic, could some effects
of the global warming be reversed?
The Independent
8 June 2014 Unless you like picnicking in plastic waste,
join the beach clean-up
The Sunday Times
28 August 2014 Will climate change drive a revolution in
building design?
Thomas Reuters Foundation
24 March 2014 The Great Debate UK, changing weather
patterns mean meteorology is more
important than ever
Thomas Reuters Foundation
22 March 2014 Global warming to hit Asia hardest, warns
new report on climate change
The Observer, The Guardian
18 December 2013 China seeks to curb worst air pollution in
50 years
The Guardian
11 November 2013 Post-Haiyan, A new paradigm is needed
to prepare for storms of the future
The Huffington Post
29 October 2013 New storm patterns require new wind
Thomas Reuters Foundation
16 October 2013 We must face up to the rising threat from
coastal storm
The Finanacial Times
17 September 2013 Green Economy: Will it ever be people,
planet and profit?
The Guardian
2 September 2013 Innovation holds key to growing
South China Morning Post
28 August 2013 Perserving Natural Capital New York Times
13 May 2013 Obituary: Joe Farman The Independent
2 April 2013 More freezes will melt climate change
The Times
14 March 2013 Obituary: Patricia Birnie The Guardian
10 January 2013 The Oceans offer proof of whats happening
to our climate
The House Magazine
11 December 2012 Book on the History of the Met Office wins
Prestigious Prize
Royal Meteorological Society
5 December 2012 Urgent preparation needed for storms The Straits Times
26 November 2012 When access to information may mean
the difference between life or death
South Morning China Post
2012 Annual Record Dickens and Science Trinity College
31 October 2011 As world population hits 7 billion,
megacities pose growing risk
29 October 2011 Growing Pains of Megacities The Straits Times
29 October 2011 The Big Challenge South China Morning Post
27 October 2011 Megacities face a growing risk from
the planet
Business Day
1 October 2011 The real danger of flooding The Pakinstan Daily Times
30 September 2011 A sea change in Asia's response The Straits Times
26 May 2011 A (good) change for climate European Voice
24 March 2011 A Nuclear Third Way The New York Times
14 March 2011 Japan and the next step for disaster
The Wall Street Journal
16 December 2010 Why Cancún marks a turning point European Voice
15 December 2010 Cancún concludes that we must adapt
to a volatile climate
The National
14 December 2010 Adapting to Change South China Morning Post
1 November 2010 Wake-Up Calls South China Morning Post
8 October 2010 Act locally while awaiting global climate
The Australian
24 August 2010 Deluges after the deluge The Guardian
16th August 2010 Disasters like this can be prepared for The Independant
9 August 2010 Opinion piece on China curbing climate
New Scientist
24 March 2010 Applications to Climate Policy Lecture
– Julian Hunt
20 December 2009 Failure at such a grand level means
we have to act locally
23 December 2009 How Prepared are we for another
The Wall Street Journal
7 August 2009 Why China needs help cutting its
New Scientist
3 June 2009 Julian Hunt Radio interview 209 Radio