How we work

ACOPS approach to the fulfilment of its mission has the following key characteristics.

We seek to be inclusive, collaborative and creative,  in order to ensure considerations of different view points, especially from different stakeholder needs and interest as well as the many fields of expertise that shape marine law and policy. Based on a critical thinking approach, we seek to apprehend the full complexity of marine environmental issues, to map and understand them and apply the best scientific knowledge and the rule of law.

We are very serious about the quality of commitment and expect fully professional contributions from all members (our Terms of Engagement).

Our work is focused through our own specialised working groups (WGs) which concentrate on different families of issues across intergovernmental bodies. We also seek to connect these WGs with other relevant on-going initiatives in our wider network.

In addition to participating to intergovernmental meetings, we participate to specialised conferences and meetings with academia and industry as well as organise events within and outside our network.

At the end of 2021, we decided to reduce the number of our WGs and sharpen their focus. For 2022, they are: WG1 on Governance coherence; WG2 on Marine Plastics; WG3 on Sensitive areas and species; WG4 on Traditional Ecological Knowledge; WG5 on Polar Seas; WG6 on Underwater Noise and WG7 on Deep Seabed Mining.