Unpacking Our Mission

In order to inform, advise and engage, we work to enrich law, science and policy know-how amongst public and private actors, and engage in outreach to the general public.

ACOPS works within a diverse network of internationally recognised specialists who cover important topics such as law of the sea, marine policy developments, fisheries management, oceanography, pollution research and control, marine mining and offshore and coastal mining (including deep sea mining), marine biology and ecology. They provide a solid basis to the multidisciplinary, trans-sectoral, cooperative approach encouraged by ACOPS. Our tight-knit group of associates, network of specialists, and institutional friends connect and are connected by a shared concern for our seas.

ACOPS receives its funding from these selfsame friends, including foundations, governmental and intergovernmental institutions, companies, private individuals and other entities.

More specifically, ACOPS objectives are:

To inform on and where possible contribute to research, quantification and understanding of root causes of marine pollution and associated problems. This includes informing relevant stakeholders on the impact of human activities on our seas and oceans, including extractive and manufacturing industries, fishing, mining, dumping of waste, poaching and transport;

To advise on the preservation of the seas and oceans from pollution and degradation by human activities and other processes on the basis of international environmental law and sound science

To identify cost-effective, long-term environmental options that can be effectively implemented at global, regional and national levels; and,

To engage within our specialised network on these topics and envisage a sustainable path forward.